1987 VW Golf GTI Convertible – £24,950

1987 Volkswagen Golf GTI Convertible

Acquired by The Private Collection in December 2017, this special edition ‘All White’ Golf GTI Convertible is a very special car indeed. Only 138 were made and they were some of the last MK 1 Golfs produced. Finished in Alpine white body work, with the classic GTI tartan check interior in white, a new white hood and painted white alloys, this car looks stunning.

Designed by Karmann, the convertibles were obviously based on the greatest of all hot hatches, the Golf GTI. Fitted with a fuel injected 1.8lt engine, motoring press and enthusiasts widely agree that this was the hot hatch to have, and the convertible was the icing on the cake.

Registered in 1987 this car has a fascinating history and a long association with Sir David Jason, who bought the car in May 1988 and registered it in the name of his partner at the time. A few months later the car was passed to Sir David’s manager a Mr Law, and 9 years later with the car only showing 11,000 miles the car was acquired by Mr Williams who was the godfather of Sir David’s children.

The car was then bought by a Mr Feather in Dorset in 1999 (as far as we can tell with no connection to Sir David) having covered a mere 13,000 miles. Owned by this gentleman for the next 13 years, with all the MOT’s and servicing documented in this Golf’s comprehensive history file, the car only covered a further 7,000 miles.

Sold at auction in 2013 with 20,000 miles on the clock to the previous owner, the car covered only 1500 more miles, until it was acquired by the owner of The Private Collection, himself a friend of Sir David Jason.

Thrilled to be the new owner of such a wonderful car with such a strong association to his friend, the owner has reported that the Golf drives as well as his BMW B9 Alpina, which rest assured is the highest of accolades.

Offered here for £24,950

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