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Some companies will advertise pricing for wedding or groom car hire with little actually included. In our experience, the extras then soon add up.

Our packages are designed to include everything needed to make your wedding or groom car hire compliment your special day. If however, some of what is included in our comprehensive packages is not required, or if anything more is required, then we would be very happy to discuss this.

Examples could be, a wedding car is required for a short journey to the church only, or perhaps from the church to the reception only, so the full 5 hours are not required. Alternatively, if longer than 5 hours or 50 miles travel is required on your wedding day, this could also be considered.

We also offer significant discounts where more than one car is required for your wedding day. Feel free to contact us to discuss the services we offer, availability and pricing.

Bridal Car Hire

Wedding Car - 1952 Bentley MK 6 'Blower' replica

Groom's Car Hire

2011 Mercedes SLS AMG
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